Before starting any work, be it developing a website from scratch or optimizing an existing one, we conduct a thorough analysis. The efficiency of optimization directly depends on a correct understanding of the real state of affairs. We research all the nuances of the site’s work in order to determine the shortcomings and formulate a strategy for their elimination and further development of the web resource. We identify weak points of the site, which turn into points of further growth. Seo site audit allows you to take into account the most important promotion factors. We obtain some of the necessary information from the analysis of the interaction of the resource with search engines. We also analyze the work done, its effectiveness, which allows us to form and adjust the optimal strategy of promotion. To understand what is wrong and what to do, we use a multidisciplinary approach – from software to auditing the activities of direct competitors.

What does SEO audit involve:

  • technical aspect – checking the site for errors in work, its performance, speed of work;
  • research of traffic sources – we understand how visitors get to the site;
  • analyze of the behavioral aspect – we check how long visitors stay on the site and what they do, how deeply they dive into the content;
  • understanding of the semantic core and keywords by which the site is indexed in the search engine.

Based on this and other data, a strategy is formed not only for SEO page optimization. As well we offer other marketing solutions which will not only increase the “recognition” of the page on the network, but also the profit from its work. We increase not only the number of incoming leads, but also their quality – the conversion rate increases.

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