A business card site from Bookworm Web Studio is a quick start of your business, its solid foundation and a guarantee of effective development.

A business card site is a small, but bright and full-featured web resource, usually 10-15 pages, which provides basic information about the company. Such a site helps to find new business partners, attract new customers, increase the number of sales and expand their geography. The development of a business card site involves several main blocks of work:

  • Together with the customer, we determine the main goals and objectives of the site, target audience, etc.
  • Next, a layout of the future site is created, its structure and arrangement of elements are determined.
  • At the next stage, the corporate identity is developed or, if it is already ready, it is integrated into the emerging design project of the future site.
  • After approval by the client, the site is made up by programmers. We work on the entire visual and software part of the site in great detail.
  • Then the site is filled with information provided by the client. These are textual information, photo – video content, animations, etc.
  • At the final stage, a very thorough testing of the site business card is carried out. We guarantee cross-browser compatibility of our sites and correct display on mobile devices.

A business card site from Bookworm Web Studio is:

  • Comprehensive marketing analysis and strategic planning – as the basis for the desired result.
  • Creation of a modern cross-browser mobile friendly site.
  • Filling the page with information provided by the customer.
  • Convenient content management system (CMS) CMS OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, Joomla. You can easily update your site by yourself.
  • Ability to fill the page with any graphic and text information using the site admin panel.
  • Ability to manage the structure of the site independently within the design layout.
  • The required number of pages and sections.
  • Quality assurance and free technical support within a month from the date of completion of the project.
  • Domain name registration and hosting.

PS If you do not know which site suits you best – corporate or business card, contact us! Together we will make the best decision that is optimal for your business and make the best website!

Start from: 700$