Email marketing is one of the most important tools of modern online business. This approach allows you to build effective communication with existing or potential customers with minimal resource consumption. This type of marketing can be implemented as an independent sales funnel or the supplement of the arsenal of other electronic tools. This type of marketing is perhaps the most subject to automation, which means it saves a lot of time and money. Email marketing is often equated with email newsletters, which is not entirely true. Newsletter is a marketing tool that embodies strategy. Email marketing is a very specific business, it should be trusted only to professionals. Mishandling such an important tool turns it into “spam” and can reduce the loyalty of potential customers to the company.

Bookwormsystem offers the development and implementation of a verified Email marketing strategy. Step by step, moving towards the goal, we analyze the effectiveness of our work and make changes in time, if necessary. We also provide a number of messaging tools.

Email marketing with Bookwormsystem is:

  • A well-thought-out strategy is guaranteed to lead to success.
  • Mailings with correctly submitted information about news, promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Setting the optimal time and frequency of such mailings.
  • Automatic message chains and effective interaction with subscribers, correct feedback.
  • Long-established transactional letters and autoresponders (triggers).
  • Particular attention is paid to the visual presentation of content and the correct display on a mobile device.
  • Attracting potential customers from the target audience in social networks.

Email marketing is suitable for any type of business, but the strategies, as well as the set of triggers, can be very different. It can be a letter to remind a regular customer that he put an item into the cart but did not pay for it, or it can be a promotional letter to a potential customer.

Bookwormsystem experts provide a full range of services for the development and implementation of high-performance email newsletters. We know how to increase the profitability of your particular business using this tool. Contact now!

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