An online store is a part of your brand, a powerful platform for attracting customers. If you are thinking about creating a profitable online marketplace, you have come to the right place! Bookwormsystem experts offer a high-quality integrated website development – from the formation of an idea to its implementation in the form of a modern highly efficient online store.

An online shop is a tool for direct business development, it helps to expand the target audience and attract more buyers. Modern solutions in the field of online marketing simplify the selling process as much as possible – for both, the seller and the buyer.

Advantages of developing an online store by the Bookwormsystem team

  • Detailed analytics. We carefully research the specifics of the product that you sell, the market and the niche that your project will occupy.
  • We research the specific behavior of the target audience, its expectations and opportunities. It is especially important to know about the activities of direct competitors. Based on this data, we create an effective sales structure that always meets the customer’s expectations.
  • Powerful selling system. We have extensive experience in creating efficient stores. We use a wide variety of tools and options to increase the conversion, and of course a profit. A well-thought-out system allows the client to select the desired product, provide an alternative choice and offer a number of related products automatically.
  • We pay special attention to the usability of the site and the comfort of your customers. Even the most complex site remains user-friendly.
  • Unique design. We pride ourselves on the work of our designers. With skill and attention to detail, they create a unique website interior. We are focused on exclusivity, so we do not like boilerplate solutions. Your store will acquire a unique charm and entourage, become memorable and recognizable. In addition, we guarantee not only the correct display of information on mobile devices, but also the convenience of its perception.
  • An innovative approach. We use the most modern ideas and developments that significantly increase the profitability of the business. While developing and implementing something new, we study the old in detail and know exactly which new idea will be successful and which will not.
  • Strategy for the development and promotion of an online shop and business. We are developing a strategy that is not limited only by the technical aspects of website development. We offer something more – a marketing plan for promoting your brand, taking into account the specifics of online business. We develop a detailed plan for SEO optimization, setting up contextual advertising, promotion in social medias, email newsletters, etc.
  • The site is easy to manage. You will not have any difficulties with filling the site with content or changing its structure. The site is convenient not only for your clients but also for you. We carry out all the necessary settings and connect all the modern attributes of an online store – a CRM system, programs for accounting of goods, social networks, virtual PBX, payment system, etc.
  • Of course we will provide hosting and domain.

In addition to the fact that we develop online stores from scratch, we will help you to optimize an existing project. After a detailed analysis of your resource for technical, marketing, visual, etc. we will help you to modernize your marketplace, make it modern, and most importantly, selling. Just one click of the mouse separates your site from reaching a fundamentally new level, contact us!

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