Seo – search engine optimization is a necessary tool for promoting any online business in the long term. Such optimization is aimed at increasing the ranking of a web resource in the search results of all search engines. In other words, SEO makes your site more visible to search engines, and therefore to more customers. The higher the position of your site in the search results, the more traffic, the more potential customers see your offer. Competent SEO optimization affects the behavioral factors of site visitors. In addition to promotion in search engines, the likelihood of conversion increases. The bounce rate falls, the client stays on the site longer, the depth of browsing and loyalty to the company increase. Competent SEO optimization involves the creation of a promotion strategy.

Important features of SEO optimization from Bookwormsystem:

  • A truly effective CEO requires a highly personalized approach. Bookwormsystem specialists carry out a comprehensive analysis of the site, identifying its weak points and the main directions of optimization.
  • A high result is achieved through a set of measures – from improving the design and usability of the site, to the use of copywriting, to fill the page with the content in demand. It all depends on your goals, short-term and long-term, the characteristics of the industry in which you work, target audience and many other factors.
  • The results of SEO optimization are quantifiable and measurable. In other words, we see a direct causal relationship between what we do and what result is achieved. This allows both adjusting the strategy and assessing the efficiency of resource use.
  • We offer a full cycle of website promotion to a leading position. The efficiency of optimization increases if contextual and targeted advertising is used in parallel, social networks are involved, etc.
  • Algorithms of search engines are constantly changing. Today’s effective solutions may not bring the desired result after a year. On the other hand, you cannot overdo it in this matter. Search engines “get smarter”, overly optimized sites lose their rankings and the opposite effect is achieved.

Bookwormsystem experts have colossal experience in SEO optimization and know the patterns of development of search engines. That is why our solutions do not lose their relevance and continue to bring profit after a long time. In case of changes in the principles of work of the search engines, we need to make minimal corrections to our strategy. Which help to save time, resources and nerves.

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